Humans and Food: Little Fish, Big Pond

4th Edition of the Humans and Food project. This particular piece seemed to be more of a challenge than the previous ones. I spent the same, if not more time planning, mood boarding and discussing about how to execute the idea. Everything seemed pretty straight forward but much like life there are challenges that arise. Between equipment updates and not seeming to translate my thoughts and idea to imagery I became discouraged about this piece. 

As I spent time in the editing process the images started to actually reformulate the words and perspective behind, 'Little Fish, Big Pond'. I realized that these images spoke less to our existence in a vast world but more to our individuality amongst the society we live. The color palette speaks to our individual bright color in a dark backdrop. I found that salmon fit well not only because of its radiant red color but on its way of life. Salmon spend most of their lives swimming against the current. Much like our lives we spend feeling like we are alone and  feel like we stick out. We live in a age where life can be overly curated (probably a little bit like my feed) but the fact is our individuality is the very map of our existence. 

These piece simply tries to show the beauty in individuality.

HF_Little Fish Big Pond-3.jpg
HF_Little Fish Big Pond-12.jpg
HF_Little Fish Big Pond-10.jpg
HF_Little Fish Big Pond-6.jpg
HF_Little Fish Big Pond-13.jpg
HF_Little Fish Big Pond-4.jpg
HF_Little Fish Big Pond-15.jpg