Humans and Food

In late 2015, I decided to take my passion for photography and focus on the culinary genre. After about a year of curating work for chefs, restaurants and hospitality groups I realized that I didn’t have a body of work that brought meaning to my passion. I realized that beyond my love of culinary photography there was a passion for people. This spurred the idea for ‘Humans and Food’.

Breaking Bread

1st Edition, 'Breaking Bread', is a representation of offering up what we have to others, sharing a meal, sharing conversation. Tragically we see a lot of division caused by race, gender, socioeconomics and politics. People are more closed off than ever. I realized that shared interest can break down those walls and food is a necessity we can all find common ground in. 

Little Fish, Big Pond

4th Edition, 'Little Fish, Big Pond', is a look into the challenges of facing loneliness. In a world that is so vast filled with unforgettable beauty and unimaginable hurt, we can many times feel lost or much like a small fish in a large pond. But even in the vastness of the place we live our colors do shine through in who we are as individuals. 

Peaceful Olive

2nd Edition, ‘Praetendit Olivae’ Translated from its original Latin meaning, ‘Peaceful Olive’. Olive branches for centuries have been symbolic of peace. The olive fruit is shared in many different forms and is a staple of dishes from all regions of the world. Native to Asia Minor, the olive can be dated back almost 6,000 years and has developed into one of the oldest culinary symbols. 

Life Gives you lemons

3rd Edition, ‘Life Gives You Lemons’. I feel as though this one speaks for itself. We see our lives based on how we handle the good and the bad. I think as part of that we seek to share our lives with others. Rain or shine, it’s good to have someone lend an ear because sound advice may be the very ingredients you need. #humansandfood.